Together we develop the future

With Comydo, not only access concepts for the entry of parcel carriers or employees can be realized. Thanks to integrated interfaces and powerful hardware, the entire system can be specifically adapted to your needs.

Develop with Comydo

Scanner, administration portal and access codes - that's all Comydo needs to work. Nevertheless, customized solutions and even new business models can be developed at any time.

API deployment

The core functions of Comydo are available as an API. This allows the system to be effortlessly integrated into existing booking systems and customized according to individual requirements.

System integration

Thanks to the interfaces, Comydo can be easily combined with and integrated into existing systems. This makes it easy to automate processes and reduce administrative effort.

You decide where things go.

Central webhooks are the linchpin. This is where the data is forwarded to you.



The QR codes are captured on site. The choice of medium does not matter. The codes can be printed or displayed on the smartphone. License plates can also be captured.



The scanned data is enriched with additional data. The codes can be filtered and enhanced with location information.



The processed data is forwarded to your backend. The system checks whether the scanned code is authorized and reports the result.



After a successful authorization check, the door is released. Otherwise, it always remains locked. You have control over the authorization check.

Simple and flexible

Plug & Play

Both the on-site installation and the integration of the interfaces are very easy. This means your solution is quickly on the market.

API first

Webhooks take center stage and are at the same time simple to implement and powerful to use.

Branding & OEM

The device is available in different shapes and colors, also special requests are possible. We also offer co-/re-branding and OEM on request.

Privacy by Design

When using Webhook, we only process random and pseudonymized strings - even when using license plate recognition. Personal data remains exclusively with you.

Our expertise

Co-Innovation with Comydo

Are you looking for a partner to enable new delivery and access concepts? We are open to new projects and would be happy to advise you on the possibilities for system integration and expansion with Comydo.

More about Comydo

Experience the system in action.

For retail companies

Discover new possibilities in the delivery of goods and open up new sales channels in addition to your usual opening hours with Click& Collect solutions.

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Foto eines Gebäudes aus der Froschpersepektive

In real estate

With Comydo you can efficiently control the access to your buildings for service personnel, parcel carriers or service providers.

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For Corporates

With Comydo you can efficiently control the access to your buildings for service personnel, parcel carriers or service providers.

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Ready when you are.

Do you have questions or already a specific idea? Do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to your inquiry.

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