Digital access control for gyms and fitness clubs

In an age where convenience and flexibility are paramount, Comydo opens doors – literally. Providing fast, simple, and contactless access to gyms and fitness centers 24/7, Comydo is adaptable for all facilities By digitizing and automating access, we’re empowering clubs and sports facilities to retain members and increase capacity utilization. All from within the Virtuagym app.

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You already use Virtuagym and want to take your gym operations to the next level? Just starting out and need assistance finding the best solution? Just starting out and need assistance finding the best solution?

Enhanced User Experience

By integration Virtuagym's comprehensive app with Comydo's innovative access management, members receive a seamless and convenient digital experience. This integration creates a streamlined process from booking classes or facilities to accessing them , leading to a more satisfactory user experience

Increased Flexibility

The partnership allows members to access the facilities at their own convenience using the Comydo system. This can help accommodate different schedules and lifestyle needs, providing members with greater flexibility and making the facilities more accessible. The added convenience can also boost member satisfaction and retention.

Operational Efficiency

The combination of Virtuagym's management solutions and Comydo's automated access management can lead to more efficient operations. Facility owners and managers can save time and resources that would have been spent managing access manually, leading to improved operational efficiency.

How Comydo works

The seamless integration of Comydo and Virtuagym makes managing access incredibly easy – for you and your members!



Define areas and rules for your members and design your virtuagym app according to your liking.



Members can access their individual QR-Code via your personalized Virtuagym app. The code refreshes every 30 seconds to block any attempt to copy the code.



Upon arrival, members need to present their personal QR-Code from the Virtuagym app to access the facility.



Your members can enjoy their workout. There is no need to revoke any permissions after training. Everything is synced With virtuagym.

Low requirements, easy installation

Plug & Play

The only requirements: Power and an electronic door opener. No Wi-Fi or Ethernet needed!


Most parts of the integration are already set up. The few missing steps can be done in a matter of a few minutes.

Low Maintenance

All updates will be applied Over the Air. No need for local updates or maintenance.
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A lean system with a big impact

A scanner, a versatile fitness app and the QR codes stored in it. That’s all you need to use Comydo. The system can be easily integrated into the existing locking system. The original system remains unchanged. If you wish, we would be happy to discuss with you how you can use Comydo in your building.

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Do you have questions or a specific idea? Do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to your inquiry.

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