How-to Scan Codes

Increase your display brightness

Turn off auto-brightness and increase the brightness of your smartphone display.

iOS: Settings > Accessibility > Display & Text Size

Android: Settings > Display


Activate the qr-code-scanner

The qr-code-scanner detects objects and movements nearby.

To activate it, wave your hand in front of it.

You will notice a bright red scanning light.

Present the qr-code to the scanner

The qr-code should be positioned in the center of your screen.

Ideal is a size of about 3×3 cm.


Optimal reading distance

The optimal reading distance is about 20 cm.

The qr-code-scanner is tilted and “looks downwards” at an angle.



You hear a bright “beep” after a qr-code has been scanned.

A blue waiting animation is shown.

After a short while, a green or red ring is shown.