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Comydo turns QR-Codes into keys.

Instead of keys, Comydo relies on individually generated QR codes, a compact scanner and a clear management portal. Mit diesem einfachen System wird die Zutrittskontrolle nicht nur denkbar leicht, sondern auch extrem kosteneffizient. Dank flexibler Schnittstellen lässt sich die digitale Zutrittskontrolle einfach in bestehende Anwendungen und Prozesse integrieren.

Everything can be turned into a key

With Comydo, smartphones, ID cards, documents and even parcels are transformed into practical door openers. Simply hold the e-mail with the QR code – the so-called key mail – or a corresponding print in front of the scanner, and the door opens.

Comydo in der Praxis

Die digitale Zutrittskontrolle für jeden Anwendungsfall.

For retail companies

Discover new possibilities in the delivery of goods and open up new sales channels in addition to your usual opening hours with Click& Collect solutions.

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In real estate

With Comydo you can efficiently control the access to your buildings for service personnel, parcel carriers or service providers.

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For Corporates

With Comydo you can efficiently control the access to your buildings for service personnel, parcel carriers or service providers.

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Einfache Zutrittskontrolle dank Cloud-Verwaltung

Minimale Installationsvoraussetzungen erlauben einen schnellen Start und einfache Nachrüstung.

So einfach ist das

The Comydo scanner complements the existing locking system and includes its own Internet connection. This allows the system to reliably open doors. And if necessary, you can always use classic keys.

Eine übersichtliche Verwaltung

The codes are managed in the Comydo management portal. With this cloud solution, you have full control over who gets access authorization and how long it is valid. Automatic monitoring of the QR codes used provides additional security.

Kontaktlos und kostensparend

The Comydo scanner reliably reads the code from a distance of approximately 20 cm. If required, the door can also be opened in real time from the management portal. This is not only secure, but also avoids expensive drives for key handovers.
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Einfache Integration

Simple Schnittstellen zur Integration in bestehende oder neue Anwendungen.

Ergänzen Sie so Ihr Produkt schnell um Zugangsmanagement – ohne aufwendige Entwicklungsarbeit.
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  • Privacy by Design
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The Comydo system

These three elements make your locking system future-proof.
Bildschirm mit VerwaltungsportalComydo NahaufnahmeiPhone mit QR CodeApple Watch mit QR Code

The scanner

The compact reader is integrated into the existing access control system and captures the access codes. It is compatible with almost all common opening mechanisms. The original system remains completely intact after the Comydo installation.

The management portal

In this convenient cloud solution, you manage all generated key codes for your building. You can see at a glance to whom codes have been issued and how long they are valid.

The QR codes

They replace the key and can be used flexibly – e.g. as a key mail on the smartphone. But you can also use the system to recognize the codes on parcels, ID cards and other documents.


We have a broad base and can benefit from a wide range of experience.


We are fascinated by physical computing and have developed both hardware and software from Comydo in-house and with the Internet of Things (IoT) in mind. This allows us to respond quickly and easily to individual requests.


Comydo is a high-performance IoT platform with high availability that allows further developments without any problems. The modular hardware structure makes the scanner not only reliable and robust, but also secure.


As an interdisciplinary team of experts, we use our know-how to implement innovative delivery and access concepts with our partners.


A prototype is worth a thousand words. Thanks to digital manufacturing techniques, we can implement innovative concepts quickly and cost-effectively.

Ready when you are.

Do you have questions or already a specific idea? Do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to your inquiry.

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