Digital access for your parking spaces

Use free parking space efficiently and in a resource-friendly manner.

Comydo helps you to completely digitalize and simplify the management of parking spaces or to permanently optimize the utilization of parking space. We are happy to simply integrate Comydo into your existing access management system, provide a practical all-in-one solution with compatible partner software, or work with you to develop a completely new booking procedure that makes the best possible use of existing resources. In this way, you reduce the administrative expense and make full use of existing parking space resources.

Utilize potentials

Freie Parkflächen können schnell und einfach von Kunden selbst gebucht werden, ganz ohne Automaten oder Personalaufwand. This ensures a higher utilization of the available parking spaces.

Digital & automated

With the QR code on the smartphone and the Comydo scanner on site, members can easily access the sports fields.

A custom-fit solution

Assign access codes using the clear Comydo management portal or automatically as part of the booking process. You can use your existing booking software or, if required, a solution from our partners.

How to issue digital parking tickets with Comydo

Whether as a stand-alone system or as an integration into your management software – with Comydo the allocation of parking accesses is digitalized and simplified.


Create tickets

Comydo uses unique QR codes that turn the smartphone into a parking ticket. This gives each recipient individual access to the parking space – with a time limit if desired.


Send tickets

Send the parking tickets individually and if required via the Comydo administration portal or simply integrate the dispatch into the booking process of your existing solution.


Parking access

Your customers receive a customized QR code on their smartphone that takes them to the parking space they have booked. All they have to do is hold the code in front of the scanner on site.



When leaving the premises or after the expiry of a specified booking period, the parking ticket automatically expires. Access to the parking area is blocked until the next booking.

Performant license plate recognition

Comydo turns license plates into a keys

Not only QR codes can be used to access the parking garage, yard or garage. In combination with our powerful and autonomous camera system, the license plates of individual vehicles can be recognized. If these are released in the system, Comydo queries this authorization and opens the access – completely without transponders, remote controls, keys or additional personnel expenditure.

By coupling the camera to the management system via Comydo, no expensive infrastructure is required. At the same time, the system’s privacy-by-design solution protects all sensitive data. This makes license plate recognition a streamlined solution for rental garages or companies with larger vehicle fleets.

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The right solution for your parking management

Do you want to make profitable use of unused parking space? Then Comydo could be the solution. Feel free to let us talk about your options.
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Plug & Play and 100% scalable.

Comydo consists of only a few components and is nevertheless extremely powerful. This makes the system particularly clear and flexible to use. We would be happy to discuss with you how Comydo can be adapted to your requirements.

More about Comydo

Experience the system in action.

For retail companies

Discover new possibilities in the delivery of goods and open up new sales channels in addition to your usual opening hours with Click& Collect solutions.

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In real estate

With Comydo you can efficiently control the access to your buildings for service personnel, parcel carriers or service providers.

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For Corporates

With Comydo you can efficiently control the access to your buildings for service personnel, parcel carriers or service providers.

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Ready when you are.

Do you have questions or already a specific idea? Do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to your inquiry.

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